The Center is formed as a medium to contribute to the improvement of global education and education in Afri-cans . Through the Center for Global Education, education stakeholders, groups, organizations, teachers, school administers, Institutions of Higher Education, youths and students will be educated on UNESCO global mission for education, science, and culture.
The medium of outreach can be through fundraising, training, education, International exchange programs, na-tional and regional cultural festival and exhibition, United Nations-UNESCO Pathway Education, education sup-port and scholarships while raising grassroots campaign on Millennium Development Goals, Convention on Rights of the Child to education, Education for All initiatives and Sustainable Education for the Future, post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda and UN-UNESCO global agenda.


UNESCO Center for Global Education vision is to create partnerships and networking with governments, interna-tional and intergovernmental organizations, civil society and the private sector. Secondly, advocate on UNESCO policies for education, science, culture in relation to prevailing concerns on education. Thirdly, establish UNESCO Center for Global Education Institute at the grassroots communities.


The Aims and Purpose of UNESCO Center for Global Education shall be:
To raise UNESCO profile and promote its work while supporting the mission of US Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations and the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations
To raise funds through fund raising activities, seminars, conference, awards and recognition, education and train-ing for the support of education exchange programs, science, arts and cultural projects
To hold each year the United Nations education awareness on UN policies and document on education, science and culture
To participate and contribute to UNESCO Strategic policies meetings and programs.
To hold annual cultural programs on mother tongue and cultural arts exhibition as well as provide global educa-tion.
To organize annual collaborative Science fair for learning through global classroom education
To hold events on UNESCO global work during UNESCO and United Nations International and observance days
To promote Education, science, culture, training, Professional Development in cooperation with the policy of UNESCO
To publish journals, literature , encyclopedia on work of UNESCO and National Committee in support of educa-tion, science and cultural issues, policies and strategies
To promote understanding of the aims and ideals of the global work of UNESCO on education, science, culture and communication and contribute to its implementation
To facilitate international understanding and cooperation among African students, youths and children on global education issues
Provide education and training on UNESCO policies and resolutions on pertinent issues
To facilitate exposure education and exchange programs among students, youths and children of Africa
To provide education and training on UN Policies and resolution
To create awareness campaigns on UNESCO global mission and policies
To promote sustainable education development that supports the UNESCO mission in Africa and the rest of the world.


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