STATEMENT OF HON MINISTER OF WOMEN AFFAIRS AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT, Nigeria, Senator Aisha Alhassan at My Sisters’ Health Watch Stakeholders Forum held on the margins of CSW60 Session on March 14,2016.

I bring you greetings from Nigerian women whose pertinent need just as other women across the world lies on good health and overall wellbeing. I am pleased to be here to deliver intervention statement on “Leave No Women

Health Issues Behind” in the 2030 Agenda. Indeed, the 2030 agenda noted for its transformative characteristics which revolves around the 5Ps calls for committed action on the health of women and girls.

Women are harbingers of development and leaders must ensure that health of all women is paramount to development issues of the nation. Across the world today women experience emotional, psychological, medical health along the common inclusive issues as domestic, economic, social and marital. Today world women add more to these and this calls for adequate attention to watch over every woman health at all times. Take note that SDGs lays emphasis on Leave No One Behind and this indicates that efforts must be geared towards providing sufficient amenities to establish 3A of health need, Accessible, Affordable and Available resources necessary to great percentage for all of the issues vulnerable to women wellbeing.

A critical overview of the 16 Sustainable Development Goals and the target yearns for full participation of women in healthiness and in pursuit of sustainable growth and development from communities to global level. The call to empowerment of women in the link to Sustainable Development is most unquestionable. Women has a greater percentage of the world population and every woman need to be empowered to enable her to sense of self-worth, determine her choices, has capacity to inspire her environment of change, create social and economic order within her levels of human endeavor and explore her opportunities. Considering the underlying concept of Sustainable development on good governance, women must be adequately empowered to be able to meet with the challenging roles they are positioned to play in achieving the 2030 agenda. My Sisters’ Health Watch averts its notion that in addressing the CSW60 session theme, empowerment of women is only meaningful when a woman in situations of good health and wellbeing is empowered. My Sisters’ Health Watch therefore transmits in contribution to the CSW60 document that health and overall wellbeing of women is necessary to the empowerment of women in the link to Sustainable Development.

In moving the vehicle of Delivery to SDG-3 and targets, the 2030 agenda must in relation to the CSW60 Session;

  • Create life course approach to 3S of SDG-3; Social, Security and Support to all areas of health for all women
  • Provide safe and healthy environment for effective roles of women towards domestic, social and economic issues needed for  sustainabledevelopment in achieving SDG successes by 2030
  •  Member States and all in governance should bring to inclusiveness the economic gender, environmental gender and sustainable gender gaps along the implementation of all of the transformative and development process

The SDG-3 which is the bedrock for the operation of My Sisters’ Health Watch calls for action process to achieve overall wellbeing and sustain development. My Sisters’ Health Watch is declaring a global call to action for stakeholders who are determined to ensure that all is in place and provided for all women and girls on health and overall wellbeing.

The transformative goals have come to light and women must not be left behind in all consideration to sustainable health and wellbeing. Let us therefore ignite more action steps in ensuring that every stakeholder brought on board through creation of My Sisters’ Health Watch operational centers and Institutes, educational and health clubs, advocacy at regional and country levels must wake up to the expectations in ensuring that none of health issues is left behind on discussion relating to sustainable health and wellbeing of all women. I commend the Mission of Grenada on this laudable project of My Sisters’ Health Watch in ensuring that a vehicle is put in place to achieve the SDG-3 and its target successes especially on health of women andgirls.

The next 15years is demanding and comprehensive with full expectations on the world on SDGs for the World we want and the future of our generations. But all must be tied to good health and wellbeing of women who are the harbingers of development and social change. Let us as government, member states, civil society, individuals and Organizations Step up action oriented outcomes to ensure every woman enjoys, the 3As (Accessible, Affordable and Available) of SDG-3 and targets.

I thank You


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